If your drive is positioned away from you no need to stretch your hand to reach it.Just use the shortcuts.In fact this will surely make your work a lot easier and faster. Here is a very useful trick that will enable you to open and close your drives using just keyboard shortcuts.
Just follow the steps below.

  • Download tooler from here.Its just a few KB.
  • Start the program and create shortcuts to eject and close CD/DVD drives.
  • I recommend not to create the shortcuts on the desktop as it could be annoying instead go for the Programs menu.
  • Then click start then on programs you can see the shortcuts here.
  • Right click the shortcut and see its properties.There you can see an option called ‘ Shortcut key.Assign a shortcut for it. Like Ctrl+F9 for example to Eject.
  • Just do the same for the shortcut to load the drive and assign a shortcut like Ctrl+F10.
  • Now on pressing Ctrl+F9 will Eject he drive and on pressing Ctrl+F10 will load the drive.

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