Make a Folder Compelety Invisible in Windows

Do you want a folder to be completely hidden?.In windows even if we make a folder properties hidden it will be shown when we use the option ‘search for hidden files and folder’ while searching a file.But here is a trick that really make the folder invisible.So here’s how you do it.

  1. Right click the place where you want the folder to be created and select create a new folder.
  2. Right click the newly created folder and select rename.
  3. Now clear the file name.But windows tells you that you cant create a folder without a file name.
  4. So clear the file name, while the name field still active press and hold alt and press 0160 (Num lock must be on).
  5. Now you will have a folder without a file name.
  6. Right click the nameless folder and go to the properties and select the customize tab.
  7. Now select the change icon.
  8. Look for the icon that has no image. That is a blank one. Select it and press OK.
  9. That’s it there’s your invisible folder.
  10. I recommend not to put it on your desktop as it may show up for a second while starting windows.
  11. It will be good enough to put it with a group of folders.
  12. For an enhanced hiding you can also make its property hidden.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!