Lock your Keyboard & Mouse and Prevent Anyone from Accessing your PC

Lock your Keyboard & Mouse
KidKeyLock a nice piece of software that will prevent others from accessing your PC or laptop. This utility will lock the keyboard and mouse respectively as per your needs. If there are kids playing your PC or laptop without your presence and you want to prevent it, then this is for you…..

The program installation is very simple and easy.Lock your Keyboard & Mouse

Users can select what or which to lock. There are basically two options one for locking Keyboard and one for locking mouse.

You can select which key or key combination’s or all keys to be locked. In the mouse sections lock you can left, middle, right mouse button and the mouse scroll wheel selectively.

This software is just for temporary safety. If some body press the reset button or shutdown button, then it can’t help you. But it may come handy in certain situations.

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