Since Windows already comes with an option to Lock your PC, you might wonder why there is a need for using another software to lock the mouse movement too? Even though windows could lock the desktop from other users, they would still get access to the mouse cursor and other options as well.

This case would be more pronounceable in a work environment where, there is more possibility for the users to leave their PC locked while taking short intervals between work. If you don’t wan’t anyone from tampering your important files and prevent users from navigating within Windows, the Mouse Lock software could be pretty useful. Though this isn’t a complete security’solution, it serves the purpose for most people.

How Mouse Lock Works in Windows

Mouse Lock would lock windows along with the mouse cursor by dimming the screen and centering the mouse cursor, leaving only the password field as accessible. When you start the application, it will ask you to enter a password which will be the same used to unlock your PC once you lock the screen using mouse lock. You need to confirm and enter the password three times.
mouse lock for locking windows and mouse
Once you lock the screen, try moving the mouse cursor and it would pull it to the center of the screen leaving you only the password field as accessible.
mouse lock software for windows

Mouse Lock does include some additional features too. The following options are available under the Advanced Settings.

  • Dim Background
  • Monitor the password attempts
  • Prevent execution of any special applications to terminate Mouse Lock
  • Disallow Window Movement
  • Enable Mouse Trap
  • It provides a slider below the advanced options to adjust the opacity of the screen once you lock the PC using Mouse Lock.

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Once the ‘Monitor password attempts’ is enabled and when you lock the PC by entering the password, it would popup a window showing you the incorrect password attempts (if any).
tracking password attemps in windows

This might become handy, as it would help you guess what others have been doing in your absence.

What Mouse Lock Doesn’t Do

It doesn’t provide the user an option to save the settings. You just have to manually set the options each time you start the application.
There are no options to lock the screen automatically after a certain period of time. You need ensure that you lock the screen before you leave the PC.

The software is open source, doesn’t require any installation and is available as an .EXE file. It is not resource intensive and use less (~5MB) RAM.

Download Mouse Lock

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