You might have faced a situation where you have to leave your work in front of somebody and move away from them. You only have the choice to leave the system as such and cant logoff windows. Think of such a situation. Yes it can happen some times. So how can we protect the Opened windows from being seen by some body else?

Password Protect Opened WindowsHere’s where Lock This comes into your rescue. LockThis! is a small utility that can password protect the active windows that you have minimized. With this ability you can safely give your computer to your friend and prevent him/her from seeing the content inside the window. When he/she click on the window to maximize it a window will be shown to enter the password in order for the window to be maximized again.

After the installation of LockThis! right click on its icon in your system tray and change the default password LockThis! to your wish. You need to enter the password LockThis! when you access the program for the first time.

Now got to the admin panel and you can change the default password to a strong one.

Lock Minimized Windows in Windows 7, Vista, XP

Now here is how you can Lock the Opened Windows

  • When ever you want to lock a maximized window before minimizing it, Hold Down the Ctrl key in your keyboard and then click the minimize button.
  • As the locked application gets minimized into the system tray you will see a LockThis! icon on your desktop.

Pros: A great freeware app that assure you more privacy and you can safely give your laptop with opened windows to any body without the fear of them seeing it.

Cons: LockThis doesn’t work with Internet Explorer and Firefox, so if you want to hide the open windows contents from them, think of it before giving your laptop or pc to any body else.

Download LockThis!

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