There might be many reasons to keep a laptop turned on when the lid is closed. Till now i haven’t bought a laptop, but i thought of putting this up when there was a need for this while using the toshiba laptop (running windows 7) of one of my friend. I was downloading windows updates for the laptop, since there were a lot of updates to be downloaded i kept the laptop’s lid closed (thought of saving power) and went for an outing with my friend.laptop running lid closed I used to turn off my monitor at home, when downloading huge files, and keep the cpu running till it finish to save the power. When we came back and opened the laptops lid, there it was the downloads were resuming from where it left it.  Since i havent used a laptop before, i didnt knew the laptop would sleep when the lid was closed. So i decided to find a way to keep the laptop running with the lid closed.

  1. Click the Start button in Windows 7 and type “Power” in the search box.
  2. From the Displayed Lists, Click on “Power Options“.
  3. On the Power Options window, you will have a power plan selected by default. Click “Change plan settings“.
  4. Click on “Change advanced power settings“.advanced power settings in windows 7 laptop
  5. You will now have the Advanced Power Options window, expand “Power buttons and lid” settings.
  6. Turn the settings to “Do nothing” on both On battery and “Plugged in“. This is upto you. Running the laptop on with the lid closed
    while in the battery power is not a safe option. So its better to keep it on when the laptop is plugged to the power source.

    changing lid power options in windows 7 laptop

  7. Now Click on “Apply” and “OK“. That’s it.

From now on, your laptop wont go to sleep or hibernated state when the lid is closed.

But there is a small issue if you run the laptop closed. It might get heated up considerably as some heat is also expelled through the spaces between the keyboard keys.

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