Install Windows 7 with Windows XP / Vista(100% working & Error free) – The Easiest Way

Install Windows 7 with Windows XP / Vista
It would be great if you can install windows 7 and windows XP/Windows Vista on your computer and use both of them. Windows XP is more liked by gamers and windows 7 by designers. Earlier you might have seen my previous tutorials on Install Windows 7/ Vista on your Hard disc Without using any DVD/CD or Pendrive (USB drive) and Install Windows 7 from a Pendrive (Working 100 %)/ How to create a bootable Pendrive to install Windows 7 and When you try to install windows 7 on a system which is already having windows XP installed by default, after installing Windows 7 you won’t get the previous operating system (Windows XP)back. So you could only use the newly installed Windows 7 Operating System. Recently I bought an 80GB hard drive and suddenly an idea struck my mind that day. What about installing Windows 7 on that hard disk and keep the Windows XP on the other Hard Disk? I had downloaded Windows 7 RC on that morning and was thinking of installing it. I had some doubts and I proceeded with it by taking the risk of losing the data on Windows XP. But I succeeded in doing it. I had installed Windows 7 and Windows XP in my PC with no problem. I will say how I did this. This was the easiest method ever I found!

Before proceeding with here are the

Requirements for installing Windows 7 and Windows XP together

  • You must have two hard disks with you. Only then this method can be done. I am sorry to say this.
  • You also need to have the Windows 7 installation DVD.

I will explain in brief how I installed windows 7 and windows XP together. This will not waste your time if you are a computer expert and can skip reading the remaining part and beginners can skip this part.

Install Windows 7 with Windows XP / Vista (For Advanced Users)

I connected the newly bought Hard Disk as the Secondary (represented as HDD 1 in boot options). I had set the first boot priority to the primary hard disk (HDD 0) and booted into windows XP as it was there before. Then I partitioned the newly bought hard drive from windows XP and I inserted my Windows 7 installation DVD into the drive. Then I rebooted the system and entered bios and set the secondary drive (HDD 1) as the first boot device, saved the settings and rebooted. And Windows 7 installation started normally from the DVD. During the Windows 7 installation it asked the drive to which I needed to install Windows 7. Since, I had Windows XP before in the other Hard Disk in C: / I didn’t select it. If I did I should have lost that windows XP installation. So I selected a partition on the new hard disk. And Windows 7 was successfully installed without any errors. After that when ever I need XP I will enter the bios and set the first boot priority as the primary hard disk (HDD 0) and windows booted into Windows XP without any problems. When I needed Windows 7 I would just simply set the secondary hard disk (HDD 1) as the first boot device. That’s how I was able to install Windows 7 with Windows XP. No body could ever find that Windows 7 is also installed in my windows XP PC!

Now I will explain

Step by step on Installing Windows 7 and Windows XP together

I assume that you already have windows XP installed and have a second hard disk which is partitioned.

In my case I had the drive C, D, E, F in the first Hard Disk (The primary Hard disk) and I, J, K, L drive in the Second Hard disk.

  1. First you need to enter the BIOS setting by pressing [Delete] key as soon as you switch your pc on. The key varies but no problem. What ever it is you will be showed on the screen which key you need to press.
  2. After entering the BIOS settings, head over to the boot options and set the first boot device as your Secondary Hard disk (shown as HDD 1).
  3. Insert your Windows 7 installation DVD into the drive and then save the settings by pressing [F10] key. And your system will restart and Windows 7 installation will load.
  4. At the beginning of the Windows 7 installation you will be asked to assign the drive on which Windows 7 is to be installed.
  5. Remember we have to install Windows 7 on the Second Hard Disk (in my case the disk with I, J, K and L partitions) are there. So select a partition which is on the Second Hard disk. You can select it as I.
  6. After that proceed normally with the Windows 7 installation till it completes.
    You will notice that after restarting the system boots into Windows 7 and Windows XP is not seen any where. Don’t Panic! It is there in front of you but hiding there!
  7. Now when ever you need to boot into XP enter the bios as said earlier and set the first boot device as your First (Primary) Hard Disk (HDD 0) and save the settings and restart the system.
  8. The system will now boot into windows XP automatically instead of booting into Windows 7.
  9. If you want Window 7 just do the reverse of the above i.e. set the first boot device to your Secondary hard drive (HDD 1). That’s it.
  10. You can do the similar steps if you want to install windows 7 with Vista.

I am now using both Windows XP and Windows 7 together like this. It is very simple and easy as I said earlier. Doesn’t it?

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!