How To Install New Addons in Safari – For Windows & Mac

enable addons in safari 5 Many new features were introduced in safari 5 including pdf reading, safari reader etc. The best thing among them was the support to install new addons in safari. The new addons are being made by developers, and it will take some time for good extensions to come up. New addons are being added daily and the list is growing rapidly. So if you want to install those addons in safari, here’s how to do it.

Under the “Preferences Menu in Safari, Open up the the “Advanced” section.

Click on the “Show Develop Menu“ in Menu Bar. Tick that option.

show develop menu in safari

Now a new section “Develop” will appear in the menubar. Under the “Develop” menu tick the “Enable Extensions” option.

enable addons in safari menu

Now just download your favorite safari addons and it will get downloaded with the addon .safariextz and will be automatically opened in safari and you will be asked to install the  addon.

The addon will be added to the browser and you can use it right away.

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