Intext advertising programs are a great way to boost up your overall income from your website. One of the advantage of these intext advertising programs is that they dont require high traffic websites to get approved for using their ads. A website with decent traffic will get approved for their program easily. What we are discussing here is about kontera, a new intext advertising program. New publishers find it a little difficult to get good income from kontera, and i too were one of them before. But if we could properly implement these programs in a better way we can increase the earnings to a good extend. Here are some ways which helped me to get good income with kontera ad network.

Use Section Targeting For Kontera

For getting Good CTR rates from kontera intext links it is very necessary that the ads should be displayed only in the post content area. Since the post content gets more attention than any other thing, maximum ctr will be from there.

increasing kontera earnings

For this use the code as shown (wordpress users)

<div class=”KonaBody”>

<?php the_content(); ?>


For (Blogger Uses)

<div class=”KonaBody”>



The php content code (wordpress) or data post body code (blogger) should come in between the kontera div tags as shown. That will make sure that the kontera ads are displayed only in the post content area.

Change the Link Color

Using bright colored links wont always help in increasing income in case of kontera. To get more clicks from kontera links, change the kontera link color to match the link color used in your site. This simple change increased my kontera earnings to 1.5X times.

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Increasing Kontera Links Density on Pages

For large posts the density of kontera links matters. But unfortunately there is no option in kontera account to  adjust the density of kontera links.

But you can contact the kontera team to adjust the link density on your pages.

Keywords Too Matter Some Times

Put the highest-paying keywords on the best parts of the site in attractive and eye-catching colors, and you’ll maximize your revenues. Because Kontera is always trying to serve up ads for the highest paying keywords and because bidding prices can change all the time, so the In-Text Advertising on your site can change all the time too.

Always try to make the keywords more specific. for example instead of using the keyword “digital camera”, you can try using a specific term such as “Sony Cyber Shot-DSC-WX1”.

Restricting or Filtering Unwanted Ads

If you feel certain ads being highlighted doesn’t comply with your sites niche, then you can write to kontera to filter those keywords. After the changes are implemented, chances are that more relevant ads will be displayed and you will receive more clicks.

Increase kontera income

Also you can use the following code to prevent kontera links from appearing in sidebar, footer and other less prominent areas.

<div class=”konafilter”>

Content to be filtered comes here.


Variety On Keywords

As i told before using specific keywords can boost kontera income. But like above along with the specific keywords like “Sony Cyber Shot”, you could also try using keywords such as “online photo albums”, “online prints” etc. These too can improve your income, as there is a good chance that these get good ctr since these keywords are related to your topic of “Digital Cameras”.

That’s it. I am sure if you have followed these steps, your kontera income will increase.

increase kontera earnings

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There might be many other ways to increase kontera income. These were only tips which i learned from my experience, so do add your valuable suggestions as comments. I am waiting for your responses!

<div class=”konafilter”>

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