If you find that your recently updated ios 5 device drains off its battery too fast, then here are some ways that help you to increase the battery life of your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch running the new iOS 5. The ios update came with with numerous improvements over the previous version. Some of the background features actually drain out the battery even on standby mode. So, whats the solution for this? You could save up that extra battery life just by turning off these features when they aren’t necessary.

1) Turn OFF Location Services

Applications like camera, compass, maps, find my iPhone etc uses the location service to keep track of your location. You can turn the setting to off if you don’t use it at all or you could selectively turn off the location service of an app that you are not using frequently.

Settings > Location Services > Turn Off (completely or selectively)

turn off location services

2) Turn OFF Bluetooth

Keeping bluetooth enabled while it isn’t necessary would eat up your battery life as the device would timely keep searching for new devices to connect. So turn it off when unnecessary.

Settings > General > Bluetooth > OFF

bluetooth off ios 5

3) Turn Auto Brightness ON

Allowing the iPhone/ iPhone / iPad to automatically adjust its brightness level would ensure that it adjusts the brightness level suitably for you while making use of the battery optimally.

Go to Settings > Brightness > Turn ON Auto-Brightness

turn on Auto brightness in ios 5You could also adjust the brightness level afterwards to make it suit for you.

4) Disable Ping

Ping service can be seen just below iTunes.

Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Ping > OFF

Turn off ping in ios 5

5) Turn OFF iCloud Sync

Being one of the newly introduced feature in iOS 5 that help you to keep your files synced across the cloud, you could turn it to off if you doesn’t really use this service or you could disable it completely or selectively. Mail service may be disabled in iCloud, as emails are already stored in the cloud.

Settings > General > iCloud > Turn Off

turn off icloud settings on iOS 5

6) Turn OFF Time Zone Adjustment

To disable Time Zone adjustment, tap

Settings > Location Services > System Services > Set Time Zone to Off

Turn off setting time zone in iOS 5

7) Disable Diagnostic & Usage Reports

Enabling this feature would send error reports to apple. To disable it,

Settings > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > Don’t Send

turn off diagnostics & usage in iOS 5

8) Disable 3G & Cellular Data

You could turn off the 3G and data services if you are connected to the internet via Wifi or if you are not planning to use internet services.

Settings > General > Network > 3G, Cellular Data> OFF

Disable 3G & Cellular Data in iOS 5

9) Turn Off Push Notifications

If you don’t want the device to fetch new mails frequently, you could turn it off or increase the time interval for fetching new data as that would increase the battery life.

Settings > Mail,Contacts,Calendars > Fetch New Data > Set to Manual or a higher time interval

disable push notifications

10) Turn Off Vibration

While the vibration alerts you in silent mode, its better to turn it off if you use it in the general mode. To turn off vibration, Tap on

Settings > Sounds > Vibrate > OFF

vibration off ios 5 These tips would help you get some more battery life out of your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch running iOS 5.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!