Identify a Picture is Original or not (Edited before)

You might have seen various pictures popping up in the INTERNET causing rumors etc. The pictures may be sometimes original or may be edited(fake). These days it is very easy to create a original looking picture just by using softwares such a Adobe Photoshop. So we will not be able to distinguish the original and edited (fake) photo. But here comes a new software that can do this job. ie it will identify a original and edited image……..

JPEGsnoop is a free software and will help us to check whether an image has been edited before or not. This software can decode the hidden details contained in a photo Jpeg and motion AVI files. JPEGsnoop analyzes the signatures contained in its internal database with the model of the camera which is used to capture the image or photo with a numerous number of compression signatures. When the signatures matches that of Adobe Photoshop, then we can be sure that the image has been edited.Here are a few screen shots showing Original Image Signatures and Edited image Signatures.

Identify a Picture is Original or not

Identify a Picture is Original or not

We will be presented with many useful informations along with the above such as settings used to capture the images, nature of the JPEG compression used by the camera in saving the images etc. These are very useful informations if you are a photographer or Photo enthusiast.

JPEGsnoop v1.3 is a freeware . It can decode any file that contains an embedded JPEG image, such as .JPG, .THM, .AVI, .DNG, .CRW, .CR2, .NEF, .ORF, .PEF, .MOV, .PDF.

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