How To Wake And Shutdown Your PC At Specified Time Intervals (Automatically)

There are many software’s available for the purpose of shutting down your PC at a specified time. Today i was looking for a tool that could wake your pc at a specific time and shutdown. I usually start the downloads at 2:00 am in the morning and ends it at 8:00 am since at these time i downloads are free for my internet connection. So waking up at 2:00 am just for this purpose is a tough thing as it disturbs my sleep. So i was looking for a way to make wake my pc at 2:00am and shutdown it at 8:00am i found DShutdown.

DShutdown is an excellent tool that will help you to shutdown your pc at a specified time as well as wake it. DShutdown can also be used for waking and shutting down remote PCs at specified time, with a variety of options.
DShutdown is not just an ordinary wake up and shutdown tool it has a plethora of features.
DShutdown supports more than just standard shutdown options, there are options relating to “pure” shutdown (such as the “force after wait” option which causes a forced, but ‘clear’ shutdown).

How To Wake And Shutdown Your PC At Specified Time Intervals (Automatically)
DShutdown includes options to shutdown your PC when a particular application gets closed, intercept a shutdown request, initiated by the user or an application, and to then execute the shutdown request with selected options from DShutdown (This is very helpful to shutdown all the connected PC’s in LAN when the server shutsdown).There are also options to shutdown a PC when the Internet traffic reduces below a particular data-rate (useful to shutdown a PC when it has finished a large download).

How To Wake And Shutdown Your PC At Specified Time Intervals (Automatically)
There is a RDShutdown tool included with the package which will help you to shutdown remote PC’s very easily. The RDShutdown tool should be installed in the Remote System.

DShutdown doesn’t force a power-off without logging off and saving settings.
DShutdown doesn’t needs to be installed in your computer, it is portable and you can carry on a flash drive and run it directly on any PC and its Free. DShutdown works with Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 and Windows Vista systems.

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