8 Smart and Simple Tips to Extend Your Printers Life / Get the Best out of Your Printer

8 Short Tips to Extend Your Printers Life Here are some tricks for you to use your printer efficiently. Mainly i have concentrated on on ink jet printers since inkjet printer is the most widely used one. Most of the time when people buy a printer they wont use it the right way, so they encounter many problems with their printer soon like ink clogging, ink got dried on the cartridge head etc. But if we take some necessary simple and easy steps we can surely avoid such situations and extend or printers life. Here are some short and helpful tips will surely help in getting the best out of your printer.

  • Use only genuine ink cartridges from the right company to prevent clogging, leaks and bleeding.
  • Make sure you set your printer driver settings correctly.
  • If you match your printer setting,paper type and ink you will get the best result.
  • Handle photographic papers by the edge only.
  • Using glossy papers to print is more cheap than plain papers as plain papers draws more ink,while glossy papers do not.It can also give you a fine and neat print.
  • Soon after the print don’t touch the print out.Make sure the print out is dry else it will cause smudging.
  • Using a bond paper behind a heavy sheet can improve the feed.
  • Update the printer drivers regularly.

I decided to make this post short beacuse i dont think it needs any explanation and these are simple things that every body could understand easily and i cares about my readers valuable time. Hope every body liked the Tips.

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