Have you ever wondered how to use a custom background image for Gmail? Well now you can and that too without having to use any add-ons or anything. This even works for those using Gmail through Google Apps.


Just follow these simple steps in order to use a Custom Background in Gmail :

  • Log into Gmail like usual. Don’t use Basic HTML version. Now near the top right corner you should be able to see “Settings”. Click on that.
  • Now select Themes Tab. This will reveal the default themes provided by Google. Along with the Default themes there will be a “Create Your Own Theme” option. Click on that.

Use custom background in gmail


  • A new window should open as shown above. Now just modify the basic colors of the theme by clicking on the down arrows in this window. If you click on the down arrow in the top left corner there will be “Select” option allowing you to put a custom background as shown in the picture. Also click on the arrow at the bottom left corner and select an image.
  • Remember that you are using the same image twice so there may be some kind of cut line in the image. If you want to get rid of this the only way is to use a single image. You can either crop the image into the required resolutions or just add background in the top left arrow menu only. This will give you a single image as long as the height of the window is less than or same as that of the image you used. The best method is to just use a really long image . If you are putting a tiled background then you do not have to worry about aspect ratios that much. Just add the tiled background in both menus.

That’s it. Now you can use your own custom images as background in Gmail.