Having a good Internet connection your phone is great, but it is definitely a let down if you can’t use the same phone as a modem for your computer. It is also cheaper to just use the same connection for both devices. Here is a really simple and quick way to use your Android Phone as a Modem for your PC. It does not even require a rooted device. All you require are : An Android Phone with Internet connection, a computer , a little software called PDAnet and your Android phone’s USB Cable.

How to Use Android Phone As Modem

PDAnet is a great software to tether your Android Phone. But the full version costs around $15. It does allow a trial period and even after the trial period you can browse the Internet but the only problem is not being able to use secure connections. So you won’t be able to use Gmail etc. But if you are tethering just for emergency situations for browsing sites then should just use trial as you can always check your email from your phone. But buying the app for $15 is much better than paying around the same thing but on a monthly basis to your cellphone company.

  • First download PDAnet for your computer from here and install it as you would with any other software. It does not require any configuration. In case you don’t have Internet on your PC then don’t worry as you can download PDAnet PC software on your phone after installing PDAnet on it.
  • Next download PDAnet for your Android phone from here or just search for it in the Android Market.
  • After installing PDAnet on your Android phone run it. Then tap Enable USB Tether as in the picture.
  • Now just plug in your Android phone using your USB Cable and it will connect to the Internet Automatically, if it doesn’t then right click the PDAnet icon in the system tray and click Connect to the Internet.

PDAnet is also available for other OS such as Palm OS, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone and can used on Mac OSX also.