How to Update Firefox Portable Version Easily

You might already know what the advantage of a portable Firefox version is. We can carry it on our pendrive and use in any pc. But you might have been got into trouble while updating Firefox Portable. Either your addons or themes might have been lost or your settings have been lost. Actually we can update firefox portable very easily.
In this tutorial before starting with i assume that you have already the portable firefox version from “ “. If you don’t have portable firefox make sure you have the portable firefox version from  before starting with.

If you dont have the portable firefox version download it from

The process is very simple.

Download the Latest Firefox version from

Start the firefox installation as normal by double clicking the downloaded exe file from Mozilla.

Click on “Next” in the first window.

How to Update Portable Firefox Version Easily

After that in the next window click on “ Browse “ and select the folder called “Firefox” seen under the folder named “App”. Click “OK”.

How to Update Portable Firefox Version Easily Directory selection

Now “C:Program FilesPortable FirefoxAppFirefox” is in your destination path and proceed with the installation by De-selecting the three options that appear next (Set Up shortcuts) window.

How to Update Portable Firefox Version Easily Shortcut selection

There you go now you have a fully updated Mozilla Firefox Version  with all your settings as such! Happy Browsing.

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