You might have noticed sometimes that certain programs when run in windows 7, turns the aero feature off automatically and the aero does not come back even after closing the program. You could easily reenable the aero feature.

Turn On Aero in Windows 7 without restart

Turn On Aero in Windows 7 without restart

For some reasons most of us find it uncomfortable to work with the Aero feature turned off. This is the case when you have used to work more with aero. When these programs turns the aero off automatically, we can get back it without actually rebooting the system.

To get back the Turned Off Aero Feature in Windows 7, Open up the Windows Commnad Prompt with administrative rights.

  • For this, Click the Start Menu and type cmd in the serach box.
  • Now you can see the Command Prompt appearing in the search results under the start menu.
  • Right Click on the cmd program ad select “Run as administrator” from the the right click menu.
  • Now type the command net stop uxsms and press Enter. Again type the command net start uxsms and press the Enter key.
  • Now the aero will be turned on.

Now i will tell what these commands actually do. The net stop uxsms command in windows 7 will shutdown the Desktop Windows Manager process in windows 7. You can see this process displayed as dwm.exe inside the windows task manager application. The net start uxsms command will start the Desktop Windows Manager process again. This is how it works.

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