Undoubtedly the best operating system from Microsoft that’s available today is Windows 7. With a plethora of new exciting features, windows users cant ignore it.Stream Music in 7 It has some thing with every one would like. The Live music streaming feature is one feature which die hard music lovers can’t just neglect. The truth is tat many don’t just use this powerful feature. With the Live music streaming feature in windows 7 you wont need to carry your laptop to the kitchen to hear your favorite music. You can easily share your music playlists/library in Windows 7 on a wireless network.

I will show you how you can stream music from one laptop to another and photos and videos can be accessed easily. So lets start the streaming process.

  1. Connect the server laptop with windows 7 to a wireless network first. The server laptop has the Windows Media player 12 with all your music , videos and photos you want to share.
  2. Right Click on the Network icon seen on the right side of your windows taskbar and choose “Open Network and Sharing center”. Click on “Connect To a Network”. From the displayed list of available networks, choose the required one and connect.Home Network Selection in Windows 7
  3. Next we need to create a “Home Group” from “Network and Sharing Center”, Click on Home Group and then on “What is a network location?”. From the displayed windows choose the option “Home Network from the three.
  4. One the next window, select the contents you want to share (Pictures, Videos, Documents etc.) and follow the onscreen instruction and click on “Finish”.
  5. Under “Network and Sharing center” click on “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” and now make the necessary changes. Go to “Media Streaming Options” and specify with whom you want to share your files.
  6. Open Windows Media Player and just near to “Organize ” menu click on “Stream” and choose “Automatically allow devices to play my media”. This network will have the contents you chose to share earlier.
  7. Now the setup in completed half. Now you need to access those media files in that pc on another pc or laptop. So connect the pc/laptop to the same wireless network which you have used earlier.
  8. Now open up Windows Media Player and you will see the contents of the other laptop/pc in the left pane of the media player.Share or Stream Music in Windows 7
  9. If you cant see the contents on the server pc/laptop in your laptop/pc connected now, then Right Click on Library in Windows Media Player and choose “Media Sharing”.
  10. You can configure whether to allow or block access for other pc’s/laptop’s.

You can now enjoy the music stored on your PC and stream it to the place you want.

Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek!