The need for sharing internet connection is much pronounced these days. Sharing an internet connection can be done through many ways. Usually we buy routers for sharing the internet connection in your laptop with other devices like iPhone, Mobile phones, Laptops etc. But this does cost you some money as routers are not so cheap. Here is a simple and free way to share your internet connection in windows 7 with other devices like iPhone, iPods, Mobile, Laptops etc. I will explain how you can share your internet connection with any body without the use of any external hardware’s.

Connectify a sleek utility for windows 7 enables you to share the internet connection with any body’s laptops, mobiles or any other WiFi enabled devices. This is done by turning your windows 7 laptop into a WiFi hotspot. Connectify works with all type of internet connections. Let it be LAN, Wireless or USB Data Card or any other they’ll work with connectify.

Before Going on Lets see what Connectify has got.

Features of Connectify :

  • Absolutely Free and Unrestricted – You dont have to spend a single penny to buy multiple wifi connections, buy routers etc.
  • Secure and Reliable – WiFi enabled devices can see and join your Connectify hotspot just like any other WiFi access point and are kept safe and secure by rock solid WPA2 Encryption
  • Software Based WiFi Router – You can share any type of internet connection without the need of external hardwares, cables etc.
  • Connect with Mobile Devices – Quickly connect with other WiFi enabled devices like Mobiles, iPhone, Laptops and other devices.

How To Use Connectify To Share Your Internet Connection in Windows 7

connectify interface internet connections shown to be shared

  • After installing Connectify, click on the icon named “ connectify “ in the system tray.
  • Go to the settings section and enter the name of the WiFi Network and a password.
  • Now you could just select the type of connection used to connect your laptop to the net and click on the Start Hotspot button. Now move to the other laptops to which the connection is going to be shared.
  • Go to Network & Connections -> Wireless Network Connection -> Wifi Connection. Click on “ Refresh Network List “. Now a search for the nearby WiFi hotspots will be conducted and you will get a list of it.
  • After finding the network you created, type the password that you entered earlier in the box  click on “ Connect “.

Now you will be able to share the internet connection with your laptop to other devices. Connectify runs on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, both in either 32 or 64 bits. Also your friend too don’t need to have Connectify installed in his laptop to get the shared connection.

Download Connectify

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