Save Videos From FacebookThere are numerous ways to save videos from the internet to your computer. An easy way to download the videos and save them to your computer is by viewing the full video and then searching in the cache for it. But this really consumes a lot of time and will be difficult for novice users. Like Orkut, Face book too allows to view and share videos from their site. Here is an easy way to Save Videos from face book to your computer.

Save Face Book Videos For Mozilla Firefox Users

  1. Download the Grease monkey addon For Firefox.
  2. Now After Restarting the browser grease monkey will be enabled.
  3. Download the Facebook Video Save User Script From here.
  4. Now browse to the required videos to be saved in facebook.
  5. You will find the option to download video at its right.
  6. The downloaded video will be in .flv format.

Saving Facebook Videos in Opera

  1. Grease Monkey scripts can be made to work in Opera Browser.
  2. You can see this tutorial on How to Run Greasemonkey Scripts in Opera.
  3. Now grab the Facebook Video Save User Script From here.

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Save Face Book Videos in Internet Explorer

Greasemonkey addon is not available for internet explorer. But a similar alternative called Trixie is available. Trixie works same as the Greasemonkey for Firefox.

  1. To run a script in Internet explorer, save the script file (from in Program FilesBhelpuriTrixieScript.
  2. Start internet explorer and navigate to tools>Trixie Options and>Reload Scripts.
  3. Now you can run scripts from in Internet Explorer Too.

Saving Facebook Videos in Chrome

  1. Google Chrome has the ability to support user scripts from Version 4 onwards.
  2. So all you need to do is to go to the download page of the Face Book videos save script page and click on install script.

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