One of the things that a person will notice different in Yahoo Mail as compared to others such as Gmail is the bulky advertisements on the sidebar. If you are using a small resolution screen then the Ads can be really frustrating. Think that the only way to remove these Ads is by upgrading to Yahoo Mail Plus for $19.99? Then you are mistaken.

There are some other ways in which you can remove these pesky Ads:

>If hiding Ads each time you log in doesn’t bother you then you could just click the Hide Ad option arrow on the side of the advertisement. Of course this is only temporary. But while checking mail from a computer which you do not use regularly then this is enough.

Remove Yahoo Mail Ads

>While using your personal computer you may want a more permanent solution.  There are solutions for both Firefox and Google Chrome. For Mozilla Firefox just install this add-on. For Google Chrome install this extension. Installing the above extension or Add-On will remove the Ads and thus provide more space for your use.

With these small modifications you can use Yahoo Mail without annoying Ads taking up valuable space.