These days most of the computer system’s come up with loads of ram installed. 2GB is the minimum memory which people are currently asking for. make windows 7 use more ram and speed up systemWindows 7 is a much faster and stable operating system than the previous ones. But windows will use only a definite amount of memory even when there’s much more than that. So, why the remaining memory is kept as such? Keeping programs in the memory will make the system much more faster and responsive, since its boot required to search the data in the slow hard drive every time its needed. Windows 7 doesn’t allow to set a custom size for the file system cache. One of our readers suggested a great tip to make windows 7 use more ram and thereby making your system much more faster and responsive than before. This tweak will also work for Windows Vista. So here’s how we apply the tweak in windows 7.

Click Start and type in “cmd” and you will see the command prompt icon.

Right Click the cmd icon and choose “Run as Administrator“.

Now in the command prompt windows type in the following command.

fsutil behavior set memoryusage 2

Now restart windows 7.

Using the following query will give you the current value.

fsutil behavior query memoryusage

Windows 7 Memory Use Set

Always ensure that you have sufficient amount of ram (2GB or more) before performing this tweak.

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