Every one who likes to be a power digg users tries to gain more mutual friends first. But the process is not easy as i said. It takes a lot of hard work and time. There are some good ways to get more mutual friends in digg quickly. If you dont know what mutuals are, they are friends in digg who digg back for our submitted posts like we do for them.

The key to get more mutuals in digg is by digging your friends digg submissions and by making good comments on their submitted posts. But as i said before to be a power digg user you need to have a very good number of mutual friends like some 100+ mutuals.increase digg mutual friends

The first thing we do to gain mutuals is by digging their posts regularly and commenting on them. So gradually they get our attention and add us to their friends list and they too start digging back the posts we submitted. But doing this for 100 friends is just time consuming and disgusting. Typing each and every friends profile and then digging their posts takes a lot of time. So here is a website that will keep track of your friends submissions and go to their submissions in just a click!

A website called http://sub.diggerplus.com/ help you to get to your friends submissions in no time. Lets see how it works and how its done.

Digg the next friends post - Home Page

When you visit sub.diggerplus the home page shown you a box to enter your digg user name. Just after entering your use name you will be taken to your friends submitted posts and you can see a sub.diggerplus bar displayed at the bottom of the page.

Digg the next friends post - Home Page

Now after digg the post just click on the Next Button shown in the sub.diggerplus bar, that will get you to your next friends submitted post in that instant! You can see the story’s title, topic and the submitter of the story from the bar. Thats it you can now easily digg all of your friends submission and get mutuals quickly. With the List View, you can also view all submissions with the ability of sorting and filtering as well.

So all you have to do is to enter your digg user name to get started and get your job done..

Visit Sub.DiggerPlus

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