How To Find Similar Images with Certain Colors

There can be many reasons for you to search for images in google. It wont be hard to find the desired images these days, as google has a plenty of search filters that will narrow down your search to pin point to right the image. Searching images will be a lot more easier if you can find similar images having a particular color. Lets see how you can do that by making a small tweaking in the google url.

The Search Options/ Search Filters aren’t displayed directly in the user interface of the search page. So here is how.Suppose you want to search for fruits and you have made a search for the term You like to have the images of red colored fruits like cherry, strawberry etc. So, Instead of thinking what are red fruits are there and searching them separately one by one, just add &imgcolor=red to the end of the url in the address bar of your browser so that it looks like this and press [Enter].

Find Similar Images with Certain Colors

You can replace red with with “blue”, “green”, “orange”, “purple”, “yellow”, “white”, “teal”, “gray”, “pink”, “black” and “brown” as per your needs.

Go ahead and quickly find the images you want.

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