Integrated app store is one of the pronounced feature of windows 8 customer Preview. It offers various types of apps both free and paid. This fun pack can turn out to be a headache for some users who shares their laptop with their kids or other people if they love the windows 8 apps and games. Installing so many apps and games can increase the windows size and can also mess the starting environment. To prevent such a situation, now you can disable the windows 8 app store very efficiently. After following this procedure, whenever any one tries to access the app store, they would be prompted with the error “Windows store is not available on this PC, Contact your system administrator for more information”.

Let’s start the guide before anyone around you spend a notable time in windows 8 app store.

STEP 1:  First of all open “Run” by pressing Ctrl+R, type “gpedit.msc” and hit enter.

disabling app store in windows 8

STEP 2: It will open the group policy editor, here go to the Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Store.

remove app store windows 8

STEP 3: Now you must be able to see the “Turn off the Store Application” on the right side of this interface, simply double click on it, select the enabled option and click on apply and then OK. Now you can close it.

remove app store in Windows 8

That’s it. Now restart your PC, click on windows 8 app store and you’re done.

Final version of windows 8 is rumored to be launched in October 2011. This guide will also be helpful for network administrators if they want to use windows 8. We are sure that they will never want to keep the app store remain turned on for the users. What do you think? Share your opinion and any further ideas in the comment section below.