How To Delete NTFS Partition Safely & Easily

For some or other reason you might have come across a situation where you need to Delete NTFS Partition in your system and NTFS partition is the most widely used Hard Disk Partition today. You will definitely think of deleting your NTFS partition from your Hard Drive when your computer becomes old and you are going to lend it to some body else. Deleting the NTFS partition really matters to you especially if you have sensitive data on your Old Hard Disk in this case. Delete NTFS Partition Safely Deleting the data in the Hard Disks using FDISK, FORMAT utilities, or DELETE standard operating system commands are not sufficient enough to wipe off the data since there is a chance to recover deleted files using data recovery softwares. So here i will explain how you can safely and easily delete NTFS Partition from your computer.

Most of us believe that simply Deleting or Formatting a Hard Disk will completely remove the data contained in it. But it wont. The data deleted or formatted from a Hard Disk can be safely recovered with todays Data Recovery Programs.

You need not worry if you delete the data the safe way. A handy Free utility called Kill Disk will safely delete the NTFS partition from your system without requiring too much effort.
The KillDisk utility efficiently deletes the NTFS partition or the complete data in your Hard Disk with DoD 5220.22-M US government standards. So chances of recovering those deleted data from the NTFS partition is almost negligible!
KillDisk can be easily operated from a bootable CD/DVD, USB and it Scans NTFS and FAT volumes and displays existing and deleted files and folders.
Download KillDisk to Delete NTFS Partition

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