How to DELETE a File that is currently being used/ Deleting files Blocked by a Program

Some times Windows refuses to delete some files when we try to delete a file that is supposedly in use. But you know very well that you have not opened that file or the files is not currently being used by any software. This is really a irritating situation. Here is a solution to delete those blocked files.

A small software called ‘ Process Explorer ‘ can relieve you from this situation.It will help you to end the corresponding program that is using a particular file without much worry!.Using the program is easy. Open the ‘ Find | Find Handle or DLL’ to find the application you want to close. You may enter the file name displayed in the windows error message and do a search. The program which is using that file will appear in the process column. Now things are more easy just right click the corresponding program and select ‘Kill process’. This will terminate the program that is currently using the file and now you will be able to delete the file without any problem.

Process Explorer has many more features it can be used as a replacement to the default Windows Task Manager and its free too.!

Download Process Explorer

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