How To Copy/Backup Changed or Modified Files automatically

Daily computer users make a lot of changes to their system. There can be mistakes that can happen such as accidentally overwriting an important file or accidentally deleting it. What ever be it we dont (most of us) usually are reluctant to make backups. This is seriously frustrating when we have a lot of files that need to be backed up, which are changed most often. So it is really a time consuming task backing up or copying the modified files, when they are in bulk. So here is a nice software than can help you out of this tedious job of backing up/copying only the changed or modified files automatically.

How To Copy or Backup Changed or Modified Files automaticallyThe copy changed files utility is a small tool that lets you to copy changed files from one directory to another.

The program copies only the changed files, the non changed files will be left intact.

Features of Copy Changed Files

* Copy changed files only
* Multi threaded
* Append current date to destination directory for easy version maintenance
* Set from directory
* Set to directory
* Set the from date, to scan for files changed after that date
* Compare date AND time
* Maintain directory structure in destination directory
* Exclude files from copying, eg. thumbs.db
* Automatically check for new version

Screen Shot Of Copy Changed Files

How To Copy or Backup Changed or Modified Files automatically

The program doesn’t needs to be installed, it just needs to be extracted and can be run directly.

Download Copy Changed Files

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