How To Convert DVDs to iPhone/ iPod Touch Format Easily

Hot to Convert or RIP DVDs to iPhone or iPod Touch Format

Before the arrival of smart Phones we used to keep our favorite movies in DVD’s and in our computer. With the arrival of Smart Phones and gigantic storage spaces we started carrying movies and videos gradually. The arrival of iPhone in the mobile phone world was a great buzz and the iPhone was sold at a record breaking rate. iPhone/ iPod Touch has a decent storage space for carrying a few of our favorite movies. But the problem is that how to make the big movie we see in our computer suitable for the iPhone/ iPod Touch to play? We can easily purchase our favorite movies from the Apple iTunes Store suitable to play on iPhone/ iPod Touch. If we already own the movie’s DVD why there is a need to waste money purchasing it again?

We can easily convert the movie to a video file and save in our PC and then transfer it to our iPhone/ iPod Touch.

There is a free ware software called HandBrake that will help you to convert DVD to iPhone/iPod Touch format easily. What makes HandBrake  special is that it is available for both Windows and Mac.


Here is How To Convert DVD’s to iPhone/iPod Touch format using HandBrake

  1. Download the HandBrake software from and install HandBrake on your computer.
  2. After installing HandBrake insert the DVD with the movie to your DVD drive. Then in the main windows of HandBrake, under destination click browse and locate your DVD drive.
  3. Now HandBrake and allows you to pick the title and chapters you want to rip for your iPhone/iPod Touch.
  4.  Convert DVDs to iPhone or iPod Touch Format Easily using handbrake

  5. Click on the “Presets” and from the given list of presets displayed, select iPhone and iPod Touch preset.
  6. Click on Start in the HandBrake main window. Now HandBrake will start converting your DVD to a playable format in your iPhone/iPod Touch. (This may take some time).
  7.  Convert DVDs to iPhone or iPod Touch Format Easily with handbrake in MAC

  8. Now after converting the movie DVD you will see a video file given by HandBrake. Now just copy it to your iPhone/iPod touch and enjoy your favorite movie on your iPhone/iPod touch. Alternatively you can move the file to iTunes and then synchronize it with your iPhone/iPod touch.

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