How to Clean dirty, smudged or Scratched CD/DVD Properly

The DVD or CD put outside the pouch/cover are likely to get dirty, smudged or scratched. Since the disk surface is very sensitive it is also prone to fingerprints. Data Recovery Rate will be very less from a dirty, smudged or Scratched CD/DVD. Even with the help of the best data recovery software’s we might not get the required results. But if we clean the CD/DVD properly we may be able to recover the data in the disk to a good extent. So before we use some data Recovery Software’s we must clean the DVD/CD properly first. So here is how to clean a dirty, smudged or scratched DVD/CD. How to Clean dirty, smudged or Scratched CD or DVD ProperlyMost of us clean the Old DVDs or CD just by rubbing it with a soft cloth. This may work some time when the dust can be easily wiped off. But things go bad if the dirt or dust is stubborn. When we wipe the DVD/CD with stubborn dust using a soft cloth it actually damages the DVD or CD more and more. So don’t do it with aged DVDs or CDs.

How to clean a clean a dirty, smudged or scratched DVD/CD Properly

The CD/DVD cleaning process must be carried out carefully.

  • First you need to find a container good enough to submerge a DVD/CD completely in it.
  • Now take some liquid soap or glass cleaning solution in the container. Make sure that the soap solution you use is not a very strong one i.e. You must not use solutions that are used to clean metal surfaces etc. Hand washing liquids will do.
  • Take a little of the liquid soap or cleaning solution in the container (15 – 20 ml) .
  • Now pour clean hot water to get a little concentrated soapy solution. The water must be hot in a way that you can drink it. (I said like this because drinking water is the best for this purpose as it will be very clean).
  • Dip the DVD/CD into the solution and leave it aside for 5 minutes. Take out the DVD/CD and rinse it with clean water 3-4 times then after.
  • After rinsing the DVD/CD with clean water properly, Shake Off the excess water and Let the DVD or CD to dry naturally. You may put it under a fan but don’t try to dry it using any other ways.

You can use the DVD/CD on your system. Now you will have a very good chance of Data Recovery Rate from the disk.

Note:- If you have very important data in the DVD or CD you may seek professional help. I have no responsibility for any data loss caused.

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