If you enjoy tweaking Windows Appearance then you will enjoy using Aura. Windows 8 has built in option to change Aero Glass Color with the Color of the Wallpaper.

This feature can be made available in Windows 7 by installing Aura.  Aura Beta 3 also brings an option to make Aero Color change with IE 9 Tab color along with the Getting Color from the Wallpaper and from Active Window icon. Aura requires .NET Framework 3.5 or better to run. Just follow these simple steps to make Aero Glass color change automatically with Wallpaper Or IE 9 Tab color:

  • First download Aura from here. Install it just like any other program.

Changing windows color with wallpaper

  • Open Aura and Select “Get Color from Wallpaper” and Check “Use IE 9 Active Tab Color”. If you want to change the color Intensity then click on “Click here to open color settings”.
  • Apply it. Then close it and make sure it is not running in the background.
  • Now open IE 9 and then Open Aura again. That’s it.

Now as long as you have Aura running in the background Aero Glass Color will change with the Wallpaper when IE 9 is not running and change according to IE9 Active Tab color when IE 9 is running. Using Aura you can also make the Aero Glass Color change with the Active Window Icon.