When you are typing really fast for something urgent or you are just plain tired of typing, the worst discovery you can make is that you have been typing without putting capitals in the right places or have typed a lot with the Caps Lock ON. So instead of typing the whole thing again isn’t it better to just use a software like CaseChanger.

Case Changer

The working is pretty simple. If you turn Auto Monitor ON then the software monitors your Clipboard and it will be shown as in the Above Picture. Once it is displayed in the software you can change the Case and then you can either press Clipboard if Auto change is not Selected or if Auto Change is selected then just paste it back into whatever it was that you Copied/Cut it from in the first place. You can even keep it “Always on Top”.

This software helps you to correct many common mistakes such as:

>Forgetting to put Capitals in the beginning of sentences. To correct the mistake use “Sentence Case”.

>Changing back to lower case if you accidentally typed with Caps Lock ON. To do this use ”lower case” or “tOgGle cAsE”.

>You can change it to all capitals if you had forgotten to turn ON the Caps Lock or had the Caps Lock on and then typed by holding Shift by using “UPPER CASE” or “tOgGle cAsE”.

>You can change the case to Title Case in case you forgot by using “Title Case”.

>If you forgot that Caps Lock was ON while typing a heading or a sentence and used Shift such that the alphabets that need to be Capital are small and those which need to be small are in Capitals then just use “tOgGle cAsE”.

This a great software for those who have to type a lot but are careless while typing. It helps relieve frustration in a great way.