The Droid X can now be tethered via bluetooth and also the last day, the Droid X was rooted.Boot into Recovery Mode on Droid X For many hacks to do on the Droid X (not only for Droid X, for many other phones), we would have to boot it in recovery mode.

Let’s come to the topic now. If you want to Boot your Droid X in recovery mode, then here are the instructions to do it.

1. Turn off your Droid X.

2. Press and hold the Home button and then power button simultaneously until Motorola’s logo apperas.

3. Release the Power button but continue to hold the Home button until an exclamation mark is displayed on the screen.

Boot into Recovery Mode on Droid X

4. Release the Home button and press the Search button one time.

That’s it! Now your Droid X will enter into recovery mode.

NOTE: Use the volume up and down buttons to till you get the ” reboot system now ” option and press the camera button after that.

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