Block Stolen Mobile Phone With IMEI NumberEvery mobile phone has its own IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identification ) number which could be used to locate and find your lost or stolen mobile phone. Even if you change the SIM card, it won’t be changing because the IMEI number is not in the SIM, but in your phone. Every mobile phone will be having a unique IMEI number.

You could find your mobile phone’s IMEI number simply by dialing ” *#06# “. It might turn out to be useful for certain purposes in the future. So you could note it down some where or in your mind if you are having a good remembering capacity!

You could of course, move towards law by approaching the Police and file a case to find your stolen mobile phone. But don’t give up after doing just that. After seeking help for locating your lost or stolen mobile, you should block your mobile phone as someone else who finds it or has stolen it could use it. So here is how you could block your lost or stolen mobile phone using your phone’s IMEI number. home phone companies

1. First approach the Police and file a case to recover your lost/ stolen mobile phone.

2. Contact the network provider/customer care and tell them the matter. Ask them to block your mobile phone access using the IMEI number.

3. If they ask for a copy of the complaint you gave for the Police, provide them with that by contacting the Police ( You should take the copy when you first approach the Police ).

4. Follow their instructions and your network provider would block the IMEI number of your stolen mobile phone.

Now someone else cannot give or take calls through your lost mobile phone as the IMEI is blocked. Even if the SIM card is changed, he/she cannot use your mobile phone as SIM card doesn’t have any influence on the IMEI number. For example, if the user changes the SIM card from Airtel to Vodafone, it won’t affect your mobile phone’s IMEI number and hence you could block the user. Later the authorities would track and find the exact location of the phone and hence find the thief.

Bimal Roy is a technology enthusiast and blogger from India. His Blog : Tips Needed.