How to Backup Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones Easily

Sony Ericsson Mobie Phone BackupThese days most of us store our valuable data such as phone number, sms, videos, pictures etc. Some times there might be some of the most sensitive data in the mobile e.g. a very important phone number of our intimate friend or else and you have that data or phone number saved in the phone and needed it. Think of the situation your mobile phone has been damaged or stolen or it had a virus attack! You may have no problem losing that mobile phone; you may be able to buy another one easily, but the phone number? It’s gone! So it is important to backup the sony ericsson mobile phones. Almost many of the Mobile Phone owners do not backup the data on their phones and they will be really annoyed when they lose that data on their phone. Here I will explain how easily you can easily backup Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones. The process is very simple and easy you only need to copy the contents or data in your sony ericsson mobile phone to your computer. So even if you lose your sony ericsson mobile phone or whether it is damaged you needed not to worry any more about the data contained in the mobile phone. You can easily retrieve that data on the sony ericsson mobile phone very easily. Make sure that you backup the data in your sony ericsson mobile phone at least once in a week for your safety.

Requirements before starting the Backup of your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

You only need to have the free software MyPhoneExplorer and a data cable or a Bluetooth dongle (for transferring the data).
Some basic knowledge on how to connect your PC and your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone. I will try to make it as simple as possible.

How to Backup the contents of your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson Mobie Phone Backup using MyPhoneExplorer

  1. Download MyPhoneExplorer from here and install it. The software is only a small 3 MB in size. So it is very easy to download it even if you have s very slow internet connection.
  2. Install the necessary drivers for the Bluetooth dongle after connecting the Bluetooth dongle to your computer.
  3. After starting the Bluetooth service in your PC and your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, search for the sony ericsson mobile phone from your computer.
  4. Just after this you will be prompted to enter pass code to pair the two devices together (Your Computer and your sony ericsson mobile phone).
  5. After this process has been completed your sony ericsson mobile phone could be seen on your computer.
  6. Now for the sony ericsson mobile phone’s service, a COM port is required. For that Double click on the Bluetooth icon on your Windows Task bar and select “COM Ports > Add > Outgoing connection “. This step is done because the MyPhoneExplorer requires a COM Port to access your sony ericsson mobile phone through your computer.Open MyPhoneExplorer and choose File > Options and select “Search For Device” seen under “Connections”.
  7. After your sony ericsson mobile phone has been found choose “File > Connect “and give a name for the mobiles profile. At this instant MyPhoneExplorer will synchronize the data with your sony ericsson mobile phone and your computer.
    Check the Option called Files and select the folders and other needed contents that needs to backed up.
  8. After you have selected the necessary files are needed to be backed up.
    Press Create Backup and the contents In your sony ericsson mobile phone will be backed up to your PC.

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