If you add a lot of people as Friends on Facebook then you might constantly be annoyed with people you don’t really know all that well or interact with, filling your News Feed with their updates and making it hard to see updates by the people you actually interact with. But since you have already added them as Friends, Unfriending them would just hurt their feelings.

There is another option to get rid of this frustration.

>First Install Eternal Sunshine Extension for Google Chrome.

>Now you need to collect the usernames of the people you want to hide. Getting the username is simple. While some people like to set their over unique username which you can find from their profile link, others have their username shown as a number after http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= . This number is what you need to use to hide them. If you want to hide a lot of people I suggest copying all the usernames first into a notepad file, its just easier that way.

Hide Friends On Facebook Without Unfriending

>Now that you have the usernames copy each username, click on the eternal sunshine icon near the address bar. Just paste the username using Ctrl +V then hit Enter.

After hiding a person on Facebook with Eternal Sunshine:

  • His/Her Updates will not be shown in News Feed.
  • If the person was added as Family earlier, then the Family status will be removed.
  • His/Her Photo Album or Photo Page will not be suggested in the Side Bar.
  • He/She will be removed from Frequent Friends on Chat List.

Using Eternal Sunshine is a great extension if you have a lot of friends, out of which you do not stay in touch with many of them. It helps ignore the person without Unfriending them.