While doing multiple works on a computer, it is not odd to see large number of windows and applications pile up on your screen. This makes it very difficult to work. Instead of closing these windows why not just hide them so that you can use them when you need them only.

Windows Hider is a free tool that helps you to categorize your running Applications and Windows and then hide or show them according to your needs. With this tool you can organize your Windows and Applications into different groups.

The name of these groups can be changed and also then different groups can be hidden or shown with a single click or use of a hot key. Also, the software allows you to choose whether or not a group will be muted.The Hot keys can be set from Options> Settings. There are hot keys to hide Windows Hider,Mute sounds of all groups and also to un-mute all groups.

In short this is a great freeware to help make working on your computer faster and more productive.