Google SSL Secure SearchGoogle has released their new ssl web search to their users. The new SSL search from google gives more privacy to its users by preventing third parties from accessing your search terms. Though the Google Secure Search is in beta state, users can access it by adding a “s” after the “http” in your address bar when visiting google ie.

Https is widely used by shopping websites, banking websites and others who include secureĀ  information’s such as login details, credit card details etc. This will ensure that the information wont be accessed by any other intruders and there by protecting your information.

When you access the google secure search, you can check the start of the address bar for a https. But the ssl search is in beta state and it includes only the core google search. So dont think that it will cover the googe image search, video search etc.

Google Secure SSL Search – Privacy Principles

To distinguish between the normal google search page and the secure version of the search page, google had made a small modification which you can see in their logo itself.

Since SSL connections need a little more time than the usual http connections, you will notice a small time lag in search speed. But what you wont lose is the same great search results!

Remember, google ssl search wont prevent your search queries from being collected by google. It only prevent those from being collected by your ISP’s and other third party network. Also the search information can be obtained by the government in case needed.

We could expect google extending more security features like these to their other services too.

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