Thinking of giving your browser a new look? I could recommend something which could be of some interest to those who like the Windows 8 start page; the ‘Eight Start Page’. A user from DeviantArt, namely flatmo1 came up with this cool Windows 8 Metro UI styled start page concept which supports almost all popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE.

After installing Eight, you will be presented with the Windows 8 styled start page for your browser. Each time, you open a new tab, you’r browser will have a taste of Windows 8 start screen. By default, it gives you tiles for popular sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc along with the Metro Styled search box placed between the tiles.

Windows 8 start screen for you browser

You could customize the default tiles like you wish. You could change the search engine right at the search box itself. Plus, it also gives you options to change the background wallpaper, add custom tiles etc.

Eight supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. It won’t be causing any problems and usually works well on all browsers.

You could have a live demo of Eight here.

For the download link and installation instructions, head over to this page.  And for those who looking for more thumbnails to add to their custom tiles, another DeviantArt user, jeppethe, has put up a set of them for various popular sites. You could download the whole set here.

Bimal Roy is a technology enthusiast and blogger from India. His Blog : Tips Needed.