If you are into registering with not-so popular websites, you are most likely to join the list of spam mails. Get a Temporary email address and prevent getting spamYou are getting one step ahead in receiving spam emails. Registering with unknown websites can be avoided to some extend but some times we get compelled to do so. But if you have a temporary or disposable email address then you can be free from those spams getting into your inbox. So here is how you can easily get a temporary or disposable email address.

There are quite a few services that provides disposable email addresses. A service called 10MinuteMail.com is a good one to consider. It gives you a temporary email account and not just a disposable email address.

Get Temporary Email Address using 10minutemail

What’s particular about this service is that Any e-mails sent to this temporary address will be shown on a temporary webpage, visible only to you.

You will also be able to respond to the mails you have received in your temporary inbox. A tick mark will be shown over the read mails.

On visiting their webpage you will be shown a disposable email address that you can start using right away. But remember as this is temporary it will get expired after 10 minutes! But they also provide an option to extend the time a little further to 10 more minutes if you click on “ I need more time! Give me 10 more minutes! “. Click it again before the time runs out to extend the time to 10 more minutes and this can be repeated.

Visit 10minutemail

Get your self a disposable email address and prevent those spams…

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