Get Tab Feature in Microsoft Office with OfficeTab

Tabbed browsing is one such good feature that made the web browsing so easy. It saves us a lot of time in toggling between webpages. As a result tabbed browsing has become a part of every browser now. So, how about getting this Tab feature in Microsoft Office. Usually while you are working with two different documents, you need to click on the windows taskbar to switch between them. This becomes a pain when you have a lot of work to do. Hence a Tab browsing feature in Microsoft Office can really improve the productivity and save us a lot of time.

Get Tab Feature in Microsoft Office with OfficeTab
OfficeTab is a small addon to Get the Tab feature support for Microsoft Office programs. OfficeTab will add the tab feature in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
Switching between documents will be a cake-walk with OfficeTab Addon. With OfficeTab addon there wont arise a problem of opening a new window in-order to open another document.

After installing OfficeTab the OfficeTab Setting Center will be launched. Make sure that the Tab feature is enabled for Word, Excel and PowerPoint from there.

Get Tab Feature in Microsoft Office with OfficeTab

You will also have various options for customizing the tabs such as set the width of the tab, set the Tab’s color, Set Shortcut keys to switch between tabs etc.

Download OfficeTab Addon for Microsoft Office

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