How To Get Short URLs For your Posts in WordPress 3.0 Directly

post link shortening in wordpress 3 The new version of wordpress has included the ability to shorten the urls of every post you publish. So you dont have to depend on other online url shortening services. There only step you have to do is to look at the respective post id.

Creating Short URL’s in WordPress 3.0

  1. Go to the Posts tab from your wordpress dashboard.
  2. If you want to get the shortlink for a post which has been already published, then edit the post.
  3. You’ll see another tab Get Shortlink being displayed along with the Edit option under the post title.

    shorten urls in wordpress 3

  4. Just click the Get Shortlink button.
  5. You will see the shortlink of the current post being displayed in a small window.

    link shortening in wordpress 3

You can now share the branded short urls in twitter, facebook etc without depending on other services.

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