You might require the windows 8 product key for installation purposes, refresh/ reset your windows 8 PC. Usually the product key can be found along with the windows 8 installation DVD or in the mail that you’ve received while you purchased Windows 8. But if you no longer have access to either of this, then here’s how you could retrieve the windows 8 product key from any windows 8 installation. This includes your pc or any other, which have windows 8 installation in it.

ProduKey, is a nifty utility from NirSoft that lets you retrieve the product keys from various packages like Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, Windows 7, Vista etc. installed on your PC. While there are many products similar to ProduKey, this stands apart by being a portable and groovy little utility. You don’t have to go through the hassle of installing this software on your pc. Just run it and you’re done.

Using ProduKey To Get Back Windows 8 Product Key

You need to download and extract the software to a suitable location first.

Download ProduKey (scroll towards the end of the downloads page)

Now, just open up the program by double clicking the ProduKey.exe file.

The program window would show up the supported microsoft products which are installed on your system along with its product id, product keys, installation path, modified time & other parameters.

get back windows 8 product key

Double clicking a specific item would open up its properties window, which shows the same parameters that you would see in the main window.

Right clicking an item would give you the option to save the selection as a text file or copy its product key, product id etc.

You could also use this program to recover product keys from any disks with windows installations in them which are connected to your pc.

To do this, Press F9 to select the source for the program to retrieve the product key from or Its available under the File Menu.

The Select Source window has additional options to recover /get back product keys from remote computers, external windows installation directory, computers in a specified domain, get back product keys from all computers in your network and load the product keys from computers in specific IP address range.

Produkey has support for Microsoft Operating systems from windows 98 onward (with the exception of some versions of Windows 7) and works with Windows 8 too.

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