Get the Aero Effect of Vista in Windows XP

I know many XP users who have seen Windows Vista Aero interface will never forget it.It needs good hardware requirements and Windows Vista(except Basic and starter editions).So although you have Vista installed you wont get the eye candy due to hardware limitations .

But there is a way to get the glass window borders like in vista on XP or Vista basic.There is a software that requires very little hardware requirements for getting it.It is called True Transparency.It changes the normal window borders to glass as in Vista.

Download True Transparency

Now to get the 3D flip effect in windows a software called Winflip.It can give the 3D flip effect you see on Vista.It can be activated by pressing the windows button and the tab button.Hold the buttons and scroll through the open windows.

Download WinFlip

Now to see the small thumbnails of open windows like in vista. The software is Visual Task Tips. It requires very little memory to run.To get the preview of a window hold the mouse pointer over the window on the taskbar.

Download Visual task tips

The best of the best is that the above mentioned software’s are free.

To get a desktop almost similar to Xp there is a transformation pack that change the complete look of Windows XP to Windows Vista it is about 22.3 mb.But it contains the above mentioned programs and a vista theme and more.If you want an interface just like vista go for it.

Download Vista Mizer

After installing it select the dark XP theme from windows it will give the look almost similar to Windows Vista.

Hope everybody liked the tutorial.

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