Google developed Google Plus to take on the social networking behemoth Facebook. And judging by the design and features of Google Plus it looks like it may well be able to do just that. If you have given up all hopes of getting an invite then well you have reached the right place. Just complete the below steps and then, and only then we will send you an invite. Don’t try to skip out on any steps, invites will be sent after thoroughly checking whether you have completed all the steps. Google Plus

  1. Like our Facebook Page (on the Right) and +1 (button below) the post.
  2. Now just Like this post by clicking on the Like button below.
  3. Once you have completed all the steps leave a comment below with your facebook id.(Verification will be done, So Make sure you complete all the steps to Get a Google Plus Invite).

Complete the steps fast for better odds for being able to join Google+.

Note : – Google+ is now officially open to all, get a google plus account at here.