You  might find that a considerable amount of disk space being consumed in your hard drive after an upgrade to windows 8 from windows 7. Windows 8 installation does take up some space but the majority of the space will be eaten up by the Windows.old folder that gets created by window 8 during your upgrade process.Windows.old folder contains almost all of your data from previous windows installation. This includes the Program Files, Windows Folder, Users Folder etc. These folders store vital information which might be needed afterwards, but once you’ve copied your needed data from these drives, you may find them eating up your disk space. So here’s how you could clean up some space in windows 8.

  • Right Click your ‘ C ‘ drive (Assuming you’ve installed windows 8 in C drive), and select Properties.C drive clean windows 8
  • Now Choose ‘ Disk Cleanup ‘. From the upcoming window, select  ‘ Clean up system files ‘.clean system files in Windows 8
  • Now check the box to the left of  ‘ Previous Windows installation(s) ‘, you could see the amount of space consumed by this folder in the window.clear previous installation data in windows 8
  • You may now proceed by pressing ‘ OK ‘. This would free up a good amount of space and if you would like to go a bit further, click the ‘ More Options ‘ tab and clean the older system restore points. Consider this step only if you are sure that your system is stable, error free and is in a state which you’d like to work on / restore to. This would preserve only the recent restore points that have been created and will delete all those old ones.
  •  If you are interested in doing a through cleanup, then download CCleaner.CCleaner Windows 8
  • CCleaner would help your clear browser data, System Thumbnail Cache, Recent Documents, Recycle bin, Application specific data from VLC player, IDM, Window Media Player etc. and it includes a Custom Folder option which enables to add the folders which you’d like to get cleaned when needed. And best of all CCleaner is Free.

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Apart from the above safe methods, there are still more methods to get more free space like disabling hibernation, reducing system page file size, disabling system restore, compressing files etc.

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