If you also have fallen in love with windows 8 and started using it as the default windows, then you might have felt that after couple of hours of continuous usage, your tablet or PC start getting slow. It is because metro style apps of windows 8 work exactly like the android or iOS apps which hide themselves in the background and keep consuming the resources even when we close them. Closing them after your use would free some of your system memory used up by these apps.

If you are using any android or Apple device, then you may be using any app killer application in your cell phone, but you don’t need to use any tool or software to close an app in windows 8. Simply follow this detailed guide aided with screenshots and save the resources of your tablet or PC.

There are actually four methods of closing any metro app. Let’s discuss each of them in detail. (Method 3 & 4 are quick and simpler)

Methods 1:

First method is same like killing any running application in windows xp, 7 or Vista. That is, open the Task manager and you will get full list of running metro apps, simply right click on the target app and click on “End Task”. This method comes handy when some programs refuse to close even after you follow the normal methods of closing an app. Check out the screenshot below for better understanding.

Task Manager

Method 2:

In the Switch list menu of Windows 8, you can get the complete list of running metro app. If you want to kill of any of them, then simply right click on the target, click on “close” and you are done.

Tip: To open the Switch List, simply press and hold the “Windows button + C” and switch list like the image below will appear.

Switch List

Both of above methods are comparatively technical and take some time to kill an app. Next two methods are simpler and will help you to kill any app just within seconds.

Method 3:

In this method all you have to do is to drag the running app from the very top of screen and drop it at the extreme bottom of the screen. That app will get killed.

Drag and drop app to close

Method 4:

This is actually a keyboard shortcut which you may have used  to close any app in earlier version of windows as well. We are sure that most of you must have guessed it. That is Alt+F4. While using any app, simply press this keyboard shortcut and the app will be killed instantly.

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Working and behavior of metro apps are surely like android and iOS apps, but killing any app is not that difficult. No matter you are using windows 8 in tablet or PC, these methods are applicable in both kind of devices.

Even after providing the maximum detail, if you face any issue in this guide, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with working solution as soon as possible.

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