LCD Screens have many advantages over the normal CRT monitors and its does have some disadvantages too. One of the main problem a LCD monitor can have is a dead pixel. A pixel that remain ‘stuck’ on your LCD Screen. This one wont change the colors while other pixels does so.

We don’t usually notice them easily but when we come to see a dead pixel in our monitor, there’s that feeling of un-comfortableness that remain in our mind. The dead pixels could form either due to the malfunctioning of the transistor responsible for carrying current to the pixel. Dead Pixels are some times found on a newly bought LCD monitor. But in such cases you could opt for a replacement if the manufacturer permits so. Before opting for a replacement, make sure you have checked the manufacturers warranty claims because most manufacturers don’t bother giving a replacement for a single dead pixel.

In case of you want to check for any such non working pixel in your monitor, try using the Dead Pixel Locator software.

how a dead pixel look on a lcd screen

If you see any dead pixel on your LCD Screen, there are quite a few things you could do at your home or office.

How To Repair Dead Pixels on LCD Monitor

# 1) JScreenFix is an online tool to fix Dead Pixels Easily.

fixing dead pixels with jscreen fixer

The tool launches a small applet in a separate browser window and you can drag the window to the respective spot or run it in full screen. The app could fix dead pixels with in under 20 minutes.

#2) Turn off the monitor. Now apply mild pressure over the pixel area and then rub the area around the stuck pixel with a soft  microfiber cloth. This is important because there is a big chance of scratching your LCD Screen surface if you other clothes which have rough texture. Now with the pressure applied over the pixel area turn on your monitor. The dead pixels might be gone when you turn on the monitor.

If the pixel is still stuck on your screen and does not go  even after trying the above mentioned methods, you could contact the manufacturer for a replacements if the warranty claim permits so.

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