App store is indeed the landmark of windows 8, but as nothing can be perfect and windows 8 is in beta stages so with each passing day, its users are reporting issues. Recently, we came to know about an issue regarding windows 8 app store, in which some apps stop responding at-times, and you have no other option than closing the app store forcefully.

To get rid of this situation safely, here is a step-by-step simple guide. If you ever experienced this issue or even not, you will certainly not face it again. We also have a solution for the critics of app store or guys who want to completely disable it.

STEP 1: Simply go to metro interface and right click on Windows App Store icon.

STEP 2: Now you can see two options at the bottom of the screen. Select the second one, “Turn Live Title Off”.

App Store Responding in Windows 8

It is a small, but useful tip. You can do the same trick for any app that stop responding. Just like windows 8, its tips and tricks are also in beta stages. So if it doesn’t work for you or you face any other issue with this trick, then let us know. We will dig out other method as soon as possible and will get back to you in the shortest possible time. However, its working for us just like a charm.

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