Twitter is a fantastic service for social networking. We could send messages, share our thoughts to others, find new friends etc using this wonderful service. And now Google has started a new service similar to twitter called Google Buzz.Migrate Twitter to Google Buzz With no limits, in a number of characters you could post and share your information and ideas due to which Google Buzz has gained the support of many. You could follow others like in Twitter using Google Buzz. Many have started using this service. If you are a person using Twitter, then many of your Twitter followers might be there in Google Buzz. And if you have started using Google Buzz, then you might be eager to find out your twitter followers who use Buzz.

tw2buzz helps you to find your twitter followers who use twitter and follow them in Google Buzz. I would explain the process through the steps given below.

1. Go to and click on ” TWITTER LOGIN “.

2. Allow its access to your twitter account.

3. Now in the page that appears, request for the code by giving your email address.

4. After you get the code enter the code and your email address and click on ” Get In “.

That’s all! Now a list of your twitter followers who use Google Buzz will be shown and you connect them through Google Buzz straight away.

Bimal Roy is a technology enthusiast and blogger from India. His Blog : Tips Needed.